Our Technology

Platforms for the Grand Challenge

Towards enabling businesses and communities to realize the goal, we have built large-scale platforms for automation Garuda Platform, text-mining Taxila Platform, and learning Gandhara AI framework, as a basic infrastructure to empower the grand challenge.


What is Garuda?

Garuda is an open, community-driven, common platform that provides a framework to connect, discover and navigate through different applications, databases and services in biology and medicine.

What is Powered by GarudaTM?

Powered by GarudaTM is a technology framework, enabled by the Garuda platform, which provides connectivity and automation of diverse data, devices and analytics to create novel products and solutions in various industry verticals.

Leveraging the technology backbone of Garuda, the framework facilitates rapid development of business process data aggregation, analytics and visualization components at scale. The connectivity layer allows different processes to be integrated in a modular, flexible and re-usable manner which evolve and adapt to changing business needs. The automation layer encodes the connected processes as workflow to drive transparency, traceability and data-driven assessment of complex systems in industry.

What is Taxila?

Taxila is an end-to-end analysis and intelligence platform which combines state-of-the-art natural language processing and natural language understanding (NLP/NLU) algorithms to analyze text in context. Taxila provides automatic context-aware aggregation and search of relevant information, driven by AI-powered mining and analytics engine for driving actionable insights with a intuitive user interface. Taxila is a "living system" which grows and learns by forming new connections from an ever-accumulated knowledge.

What is Powered by TaxilaTM?

Powered by TaxilaTM is a technology framework, enabled by the Taxila platform, which provides automatic context-aware aggregation and search of relevant information, driven by AI-powered mining and analytics engine, allowing different applications to leverage the power of NLP in their service offerings.

What is Gandhara?

Gandhara provides Wisdom of the Crowd AI approach which integrates a large number of machine learning and deep learning algorithms for big data analytics, focused on addressing the uniques signatures and challenges in biomedicine and healthcare. Rather than focusing on a specific class of learning algorithms, Gandhara provides an ensemble learning approach to combine the strengths or mitigate the weaknesses of different algorithms to provide actionable and explainable insights.